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Helen was born in Prague to a large family of five girls. Growing up, Helen was strongly influenced by her father, a politician at the time and her grandmother whom was a famous psychic and healer. In her teenage years Helen suffered from polio and was told she would thus be crippled. With self determination and help from her grandmother she overcame this. Realising the power of ones mind and spirit Helen became an apprentice to her grandmother up until her death. She then went on to finish degrees in Accounting and Economics at Charles University in Prague. With the onset of the Russian invasion Helen had no choice but to leave and spent the next five years travelling the world extensively in search for answers in spirituality. Throughout life Helen has worked as an Accountant and Human Resource Manger for various companies. To gain a deeper understanding of the working of the human mind she studied Psychology and undertook various Metaphysical teachings and courses. This enhanced her natural psychic and healing abilities. Helen has over 40 years experience in matters of the spirit, health, well-being and personal development in people. Her knowledge of the esoteric through the use of her logical mind has guided many people to reach their full potential and happiness in their life paths. Helen has devoted her whole life in understanding and communicating “old world knowledge” to be of benefit to others. Helen achieves this through her sincere love, compassion and belief for the human potential!

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